the custom treatment experience

When you schedule a service at Body Fountain we won't focus on add-ons but rather creating a custom treatment tailored to you and your needs.  We will focus on choosing the right products and massage techniques that are right for you, so you feel and look better faster.

red room table.jpg
Massage room

Once brought back to the treatment room, we will discuss what treatment plan is right for your body for that day. You will have the opportunity to see and feel any of the extra tools used for your treatment, for example hot stones, to ask any questions you may have before the service begins. 

orange room.JPG
Reception area

After your massage, the massage therapist will meet you at the reception desk with a glass of water.  We may suggest a massage or stretching tool or an essential oil to use at home to further your therapeutic benefits. Our receptionists will take your payment in either cash, check, or credit card. They can also book further appointments or purchase gift cards for you too.

Facial room

Once brought back to the treatment room, we will discuss your goals for your skin. We proudly offer Skin Script skin care line. Skin Script Rx is a clinical, professional skin care line designed using cutting edge chemistry and skin care research. Skin Script Rx contains retinols, glycolics, lactics, salicylics and natural brighteners.